How to make ripped jeans

Distressed denim is the new “in thing” and the very most popular style not but however, buying jeans that are already ripped can be very expensive. You can be able to create this trend yourself by roughing up the fabric yourself by making use of a piece of sandpaper and then snipping a hole with a pair of scissors. There are a lot of online videos that one can watch that can help you to make sure you rip your jeans the correct way.

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Choose A Pair Of Jeans That Fit You Well

You have the option of ripping any pair of jeans and still get the same results. Do not however feel obligated to rip a pair of jeans that is already in your wardrobe, you can go shop for cheap jeans at any local second-hand and consignment shops. Using jeans that would have been already worn can guarantee you good results but you can still opt for getting new jeans as well. You can get light to medium wash jeans as these will look very nice when they are ripped.

Gather Your Supplies

You should get all that you need to make yourself a pair of ripped jeans that is a pair of jeans and something sharp as well and this will all depend on the style that you would want. If you happen to want to make holes you have to make use of a razor, sharp knife, or even a box cutter. If you want to create a frayed look you will have to make use of steel wool, a cheese grater, sandpaper, or a pumice stone.

Pick A Spot To Rip

You can lay your jeans on a flat table and use chalk or pencil to mark the places that you want to tear and make use of a ruler to mark the exact length that you might want. A lot of people rip the knees of their jeans but you can choose to rip whichever area that you might see fit, do not rip too high or your underwear might end up showing.

Spread The Jeans Out On A Flat Surface

Make use of a small block of wood and insert it into the pant legs while you do the distressing so that you do not rip both the front and back of your pants. You can alternatively use a cutting board, an old book, or even a stack of magazines or anything that you would not mind cutting into.

Start Fraying The Jeans And Loosen The Fibre More To Create Holes

Before you start cutting you have to rub and thin the jeans by making use of sandpaper or steel wool so that it would be easy for you when ripping.

Add Holes With The Knife Or Scissors

Take a scissor and cut a small section on the distressed area and you have to make sure that you make it as small as possible but you can also make it bigger as well if you want. To rip the jeans further you will have to make use of your hands.

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