How to Start Painting

There are a lot of people who want to start doing a bit of painting even for fun or even paint and sell their painting but they cannot because they have not mastered the art of painting yet. Thanks to the online world, you are now able to find out the easy steps that you can be able to make use of so that you can start painting. After all, you can use the internet to get all the information that you need, as well as play online casino en ligne gratuit games.

Consider why you want to take up painting and what you will be getting from it

Before you go out there and start searching for paint brushed and paint to start painting you have to know exactly why it is that you want to start painting. The answer that you will give yourself gets to determine how you will proceed and what you will be focusing on learning. It is important to have self-awareness for why you want to do it and what exactly you will be getting from it.

Pick your medium from Acrylics, Oils or Watercolors

You have to also pick out the medium that you want to be making use of for the short term and this will in turn allow you to get the feel of how the medium works. If you are a beginner we suggest that you make use of acrylics. Once you have mastered everything that is when you can start making use of oils and watercolors.

Get your supplies

You have to stock up and get the supplies that you might need and they will all depend on the medium that you will be using. You will need an easel to hold your work, canvas (for acrylic or oil painters) or paper (watercolor painters), pallet, brushed, palette knives, paints, paper towels, and solvent for oil painters.

Get familiar with the fundamentals of Art

You have to make sure that you know the core pillars of painting. Make sure that you get familiar with them early as they help you to understand what will be going on when your brush hits the canvas. The fundamentals include value, color, edges, composition, technique, and brushwork.

Decide what you want to paint first

Deciding what one wants to paint has always been a very big issue when beginners want to start painting. You have to find something that you feel driven to paint first.

Create your first painting

You do not have to feel pressured by master painters, you have to try to capture your very own initial impression of the subject in terms of shapes and colors then refine the painting adding more detail.

Review and improve

When you have created your first painting, review it and see if you like how it looks. You can take that opportunity to see if there are any mistakes that you made so that you can improve on the next painting that you will make.

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